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Teaching resources and other videos 

The videos will be listed here with some better formatting soon. For now, you can check them all out on the youtube link below!



Series on speech acoustics 

1 - Intro (an introduction to why we might be interested in studying speech acoustics) 

2 - Timing categories in speech acoustics 

3 - What can we see on waveforms, spectrograms and spectra? 

4 - The source-filter model of speech acoustics 

5 - vowel formants 

6 - consonant acoustics 

7 - voice onset time 

Phonetic features in English 

The auditory hierarchy and interesting problems in speech perception 

What should Ant-Man's voice sound like when he changes size? 

basic signals and systems for audio (part 1) 

basic signals and systems for audio (part 2) 

Physics of sound (part 1) 

Sine waves 


Hearing science 1 - overview 

Hearing science 2 - inner ear (basilar membrane, outer hair cells) 

Hearing science 3 - Binaural hearing 

Sound Intensity and Loudness 

Resonance in a water pitcher 

use R to create a sound with custom spectrogram image 

Draw a colored Praat spectrogram with R